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I am a fifty something living in Dublin, Ohio. Married, empty nester, with two twenty something kids that my wife and I are extremely proud of.

Been playing guitar for over forty years. There have been slow periods, were I didn't play for months. And there have been periods when I seem to practice every chance I get.

I have owned many guitars through the years. Currenly have my original Morris from the early needs a serious tune up. An Ovation acoustic, that suffers from a severely cracked sound board....that I keep considering having rebuilt.

My most recent addition is a Breedlove Atlas model. I went to Guitar Center one day determined to buy a $2500 Martin and came home with a $1000 Breedlove. I have had it for a couple of years now. I love its tone! If you haven't played a Breedlove, try it!

I am a Chemical Engineer by education. Play golf constantly during from March to November here in Ohio. Currently a 5 handicap. During golf season, I play 3-4 rounds a week.

I also have a well equipped woodworking shop in my basement and just can never find enough time to spend down there.

I have been lurking around this site for several months now. Became a Target member in December. I am really enjoying this site and hope to get more involved in the community.

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