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Singing? SINGING!
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Re: Singing? SINGING! 9 Years, 2 Months ago  
suziko wrote:
But when I think about singing a song, I mostly just make sure I know what note the song will start on -- sometimes this involves getting hold of the sheet music -- play that note on the guitar, try to match it, and then run from there

I do that too, Stuart. I really don't have a good "feel" for melodies, which is part of what makes singing so challenging for me. Over the last 6 months or so, I've started trying to work out melodies on the guitar so that I know what notes I should actually be trying to hit. Then I'll pick out the melody and sing along with those notes. But even just having a starting note helps hugely. If I start right, usually I can stay on target. But if I start on the wrong note, it's nearly impossible to get back on key. Sometimes it's easy to pick out the melody or the starting note, but sometimes i find it really challenging, maybe because of the way the person sings, I don't know. Oftentimes, then, I'll try to hunt down the sheet music and follow the melody there.

Suzy, i got an litlle story,,you know i am in a choir,,when i came there the first time and long after that i could sing much the right notes(it goes much better now),,you know how it works,,the conductor play's the melody and sing them too and we must try to take it over,,,and that cost time(experience)(conductor words too),,you tell know you practise the melody,,is that on guitar or piano?? i find the piano sound more clear to take over the note then on guitar(there you have so much possibility's to pick those notes,,i try most the middle four strings).. when we rehears a new song we get a lot of exercises but they have something to do with what happens musical in that song
(intervals,litlle and big),,even articulate thing like a D etc,doo-doo-doo-doo........well i think,sing a lot,even songs out you childhood,,,just sing!!! that said i must rehearse the ''hallelujah's'''from the Cohen song for a jubileum from that choir,,then i play the guitar and an other member sings it and i try some harmonie on the hallelujah's... and some times i think to high..
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