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Original song entry, "Welcome Back Home"
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TOPIC: Original song entry, "Welcome Back Home"

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Re: Original song entry, "Welcome Back Home" 4 Years, 10 Months ago  

Thank you so much!
Putting this out was rather personal and did make me feel like I was left hanging out there. So it was very nice and encouraging to get such positive feedback from musicians that I really like and respect such as yourself, Corina, and Shel.

It was also great to get an 'atta boy' from Neil in the Weekly Wrap Up. I watched that twice. Okay, 3 times. Okay, then I had my wife watch it. So 4 times.

I can't say that I reinvented the wheel on the main chord progression. It is just a I vi IV V with some embellishments thrown in. An add9 here, a sus2 there, a sixth here, as I'm sure you can surmise without me telling you. Also some ii V I's at the turnaround. But it worked for the song so I used it.

The F to Fm is a change that I noticed in a couple my cover tunes, and I really liked it. Oasis uses it in 'Don't Look Back In Anger". John Lennon uses it in 'Watching The Wheels'. Billy Joel uses it in 'Just The Way You Are'.( Although it's G to gm). Etc.

The video, although not setting the world on fire, is performing respectably in the contest. I will make a last push this weekend and leave it alone. Just trying to get enough traffic so it gets noticed by the judges that's all.

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