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>> Newest streaming Package - Doobie Brothers 5 + 2 Pack ipad,iTouch,iPhone ready
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TOPIC: >> Newest streaming Package - Doobie Brothers 5 + 2 Pack ipad,iTouch,iPhone ready

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>> Newest streaming Package - Doobie Brothers 5 + 2 Pack ipad,iTouch,iPhone ready 9 Years, 11 Months ago  
Doobies Streaming Package is now available it is a 5+ 2 Pack so 7 songs in total..and you can read about it below..Of course if you are a Target member you already have full access to this pack..

1. Listen To The Music - Level 5
Album: Toulouse Street

Listen To The Music is the song that brought the Doobie Brothers into the spotlight as a real rock and roll band. It was the first of many great Tom Johnston tunes that featured a driving electric guitar sound combined with catchy melodies and solid harmonies. The lesson breaks down the opening guitar riff and the strumming for the rhythm guitar parts.

2. China Grove - Level 5
Album: The Captain And Me

China Grove opens with another Tom Johnston signature riff based on power chords that then evolve into more complex chord voicings and typical rockin' harmonies. The song appeared on their 3rd album The Captain And Me in 1973. The lesson includes all the rhythm guitar parts as well as some of the background fills that happen in the chorus.

3. Long Train Runnin' - Level 7
Album: The Captain And Me

This simple but very effective riff is trickier than it sounds as it requires two fingers hammering on and pulling off to and from a full barre chord up the neck, while keeping a fast, syncopated strumming pattern going. Like many other Doobie Brothers' songs Long Train Runnin' was almost considered a throwaway bar song by Tom Johnston before he was convinced to write real lyrics and polish it up. It became one of their biggest hits. The lesson covers the rhythm guitar parts.

4. South City Midnight Lady - Level 7
Album: The Captain And Me

The Doobie Brothers were a band with a couple of different personalities and sounds. Tom Johnston's hard rockers were balanced with Pat Simmons softer, country-rock tunes. South City Midnight Lady is one of his best from a guitar player's point of view as it features a free-form accompaniment style that is part strumming and part fingerpicking. It is done in an Open G tuning, giving it even a slight nod toward slack key guitar sounds. The lesson includes specific instruction on the free form style, as well as a Campfire Version that can be strummed with a pick.

5. Black Water - Level 6
Album: What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits

This fingerpicking song by Pat Simmons shows off even another dimension in the Doobie Brothers' sound- a bluesy, southern feel. It is a simple chord progression done in Double Dropped D Tuning but includes some snappy syncopated picking as well. The lesson covers all the accompaniment guitar parts.

Bonus Tunes

6. Chicago - Level 6
Album: The Doobie Brothers

Chicago is a country blues tunes that Pat Simmons learned as a young musician in Northern California in the mid 1960s from a local performer named Billy Dean, who was also referenced in a Hot Tuna song on their album Burgers. It is a modified 12-bar blues tune played in a Travis style in the key of A. It found a home as the last track on the 1st Doobie Brothers album in 1971.

7. Busted Down (The Ivory Salamander) - Level 5
Album: The Captain And Me

Another short tune from the Pat Simmons' bag of tricks, Busted Down Around O'Connelly Corners is Pat's arrangement of another Northern California penned instrumental. This was a fingerpicking exercise put together by James Earl Luft. Pat and James were students of Alan Beilharz in the early days and spent a bit of time trading songs and ideas. The song was originally titled The Ivory Salamander but Pat renamed it in honor of another local musician from the time, Michael O'Connelly. The lesson is a basic alternating bass accompaniment to some simple melodies found in common chord voicings on the guitar

YOu can click here if you like to watch Neil's summary video

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