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New Forum Posting and Etiquette rules
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TOPIC: New Forum Posting and Etiquette rules

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New Forum Posting and Etiquette rules 10 Years, 10 Months ago  
Hey all..I just finished a drive from Scottsdale to San Jose .....wide blue skys and open horizons , and a chance to clear the mind..

After some deliberation I have decided to change the way the forum is used.

Their are 3 ways that this could have gone..

1- we let people for the most part self police , make their own decisions on what to read , what to respond to, what they are inetrested in, and with the exception of personal attacks..freedom of speech, freedom to particpate if you want, the forum being just one way to communicate....you choose if thats a platform you want to express yoruself through
2- I take the approach of picking and choosing just what is acceptable to discuss...becoming a censor..
3- the third approach which I chose and will outline below..

Why the changes ??..

Without too much detail, their comes a time when the various factions pitching what they think should happen here becomes a deafening roar...and we simply cannot appease everyone..ever..it is a never ending road to a endless loop...after all opinions are individual , no one person can claim theirs are more valuable than anothers can they ??....well logic is never that useful when it comes to human nature..

So after complaints about certain topics, complaints about some responses in certain topics, comlaints about removing threads that complaints about us or me (being called a fascist for that is a little harsh dont ya think ?), complaints about certain avatar pictures, complaints about political views, complaints about certain labels being handed out, complaints about people complaining ( you can't make this up), heck I have been labeled a dyslexic in a gentle Jab on my inability to go back and spell check or worry too much about gramatical corectness, I have someone complain (and rightly so) that they were offended people took that lightly when it had impacted them personally so much..I get 5 complaints for every 1 of these on thread hijacking...its a never ending loop...

One person mentioned that TG was an oasis ....the question though is through who's lense ?...one mans oasis is another man's hell...

And then I decided after a brief consult with Neil, what it was that I wanted....free of any lobbying from one particular point of view or another..Heres what I decided ...

I want a place that offends as few people as possible, a place that people feel comfortable that they will not be judged for participating, a place to be comfortable like a great old comfortable chair, where messages are not taken off topic, or meander into some long winded chat between a handful of people talking their own language....(their is a place for that outside of the forum), a place that no level of jabbing no matter how gentle you think it is is tolerated...I want this to become a resource for new and old, to become a treasure trove of useful information, and a place of welcome .....This is a place where everyone plays with the same rules all of the time, including us here at TG central..whats good for the goose.....

So with that in mind...

The forum is now a place for Music discussions only....if it doesnt relate to music or is an introduction by a new member ( and I love our welcoming commitee by the way..thx) it wont be staying, don't bother posting it, dotn start a thread dont answer one,..dont bother it will be deleted..

Music Only...........

No personal attacks - they wil be deleted...you may be asked to leave

No gentle or otherwise jabbing -- what you dont find offensive others may...use your common sense , if you are unsure dont post it...we will monitor..

Offtopic... The only place for non music discussion...

This section will be primarily for introducing yourself..No politics, sex , religion , or controversy will be tolerated, if your unsure ask us...use your brain...please or it will be deleted, if you want to post pictures of your dogs great, but if you start a religous rant its not cool....once again, do a self check..we will be moderating

No endless banter that is not related to the threads original premise and extend it ...(you have private messaging and community groups and a wall for that, and so go for it their to your hearts content)....use your head...the TG moderators will monitor..

If a thread or post is not music based it simply doesnt belong with the only exception being the welcome thread..

If you want to start a personal chat amongst a few of you, go to your community or PM centres , leave it off the forums please...have your fun, just keep it their..

No links to anything offsite without approval by the TG team...we have an approved resource page coming.

Inside the community the same civility will be requested in terms of treating people with respect, but you have more flexibility here to create localised groups and off topic stuff...

That it. for now...I realize that some folk will also want to complain about this....Dont bother please..this is the end of the discussion...Music only and with humour, peace and warmth...
Now if you feel a rule has been breached somewhere, we appreciate you notifying us of course, we dont always catch them immediately, and your "complaint" lol , will be treated with respect and with anonyminity..so keep that up it useful..

We will be instigating these changes next few days, and adding a whole new bunch of categories that are music based...I will open a thread to recommend music basedx categories to add, love to hear what it is you would like to see..

We will also be adding some new volunteers to moderate the forum under these new guidelines, those of you who have sent me a message on this, or those that are interested and have not yet , pls PM me ...We will be making a more offical policy document available next week, and stickys for each section as reminders...

If you have posted something that doesnt neccesarily represent the above policies, then think about going back and editing them perhaps...your call...we will be pulling some categories ..

So their you have it...if you want to call us fascists...go ahead...just dont do it in the forum, we have so many great things on their way to TG that the forum and its angst are a distraction to us here at TG...make it the resource for the community it needs to be, make it the warm place it needs to be, keep it on topic..and keep it warm....

One last request....use the forum...contribute...lot of people lurking and using the resource that the community created, if you do, take a moment and contribute something new, add some value, leave the place in a better way than you found it..

Thats all for now


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Re:New Forum Posting and Etiquette rules 10 Years, 10 Months ago  
Minor adjustment..please read it with the context in which it is framed..to continue the great environment we have created here..by all of you..

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