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>> Acoustic Blues Genius - Streaming package now available - Introduction to blues
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TOPIC: >> Acoustic Blues Genius - Streaming package now available - Introduction to blues

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>> Acoustic Blues Genius - Streaming package now available - Introduction to blues 10 Years ago  
If you are not a Target member but still want access to our newest streaming package then you can here..


This new lessons package includes Blues Volume 1 Guitar Lessons valued at over $149. Right now we are offering lifetime access to these lessons for a limited time for $57.79. This video lesson series is expertly taught by Neil Hogan teaching you Blues Volume 1.


Blues Volume 1 starts with a review of concepts and techniques that the student should be familiar with then goes through a series of lessons that introduce some common accompaniment styles for basic blues. This set of lessons is primarily focused on rhythm guitar playing
Part 1: The Preliminaries

Our first chapter reviews and goes over some of the important definitions of terms and techniques that will be referred to in this set. The first step is a clear understanding of three of the fundamental components of music- melody, harmony, and rhythm. We also briefly look at strumming patterns and chord changing techniques.
Part 2: Simple 12-Bar Blues

This chapter talks about some of the different styles of Blues, paying particular attention to the 12-Bar category. If you can play three chords in the key of E (E7, A7, and B7), you are ready to string them together and strum along in this chapter.
Part 3: 12-Bar Variations

The first step in expanding your strumming technique is to work on using two different patterns throughout a chord progression. A good place to start this is with a progression that mostly uses two measures of a chord before changing. A good combination would be using the Ballad Pattern followed by the Folk Pattern. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd is a good example of this type of progression.
Part 4: Intro to Power Chords

This combination of two patterns has the first measure accenting the downbeats and the second accenting the upbeats, creating a syncopated sound. Horse With No Name by America can be done this way.
Part 5: The Blues Shuffle

In this chapter we start working on hitting smaller areas of the strings, focusing on one or two strings for most of the strokes. This technique can be used in Hotel California by The Eagles.
Part 6: More on The Blues Shuffle

This chapter goes over the syncopated technique of changing chords on an upstroke rather than the more common pattern of changing on a downstroke. A song that uses this technique is Wonderwall by Oasis.
Part 7: A Look Up The Neck

Percussive strumming adds some strokes where the guitar strings are muted, but still struck on certain beats. This can be heard in songs like Ventura Highway by America.
Part 8: Edgar's Blues Play Along

Power Chords generally consist of hitting just two or three strings. The technique for strumming them is a little different that strumming all the strings or 'focusing' on just one or two strings. We also look at playing Power Chords while simultaneously muting the other strings, allowing you to strum across all six strings but only hearing two or three.
Part 9: Allan's Blues #1 Play Along

This chapter looks at hitting bass notes on beats other than the first of a measure, as well as muting them with your right hand. While My Guitar Gently Weeps is a song that uses these techniques.
Part 10: Allan's Blues #2 Play Along

In this chapter we look at strumming in time signatures other than 3/4 or 4/4. This includes using an eighth note as the beat unit, as well as strumming in cycles of three strokes rather than two. This is an advanced strumming technique where your right hand will not be keeping up a constant flow of downs and ups, which makes it difficult to stay in time.

So you can grab it here..


Check out the preview and a couple of mini lessons derived from the course..

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