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TOPIC: James Taylor - Fire and Rain VS Neil Young ...

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James Taylor - Fire and Rain VS Neil Young ... 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
TG Newsletter - October 19, 2009

What's Going On?

Most of this week's events have been going on behind the scenes at
TotallyGuitars as Big Jim, Matt, and I have been furiously working
on some adjustments and improvements that will become more obvious
later. Well, at least the other guys are working on that stuff. I
am busy practicing for a concert in 2 weeks with Keola Beamer. If
anybody is in Northern California on November 1 you should consider
coming to Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. Ticket info can be found at

The biggest news is our continuing evolution of the Forum. This
week we added some more features, especially along the lines of
customizing signatures and keeping threads grouped together and
better on track.

Songs Added To The TARGET Program
This week we brought our TARGET members a Campfire version of Neil
Young's Heart Of Gold that breaks it down into pretty simple
patterns along with a nice little bass lick.

TARGET Members click here for Heart Of Gold

At the end of the week we released one of the most requested songs
we have had over the last 6 months, Fire And Rain by James Taylor.
This came out just as there were some rumblings on the Forum about
there being too many great songs in the TARGET Program ad nobody
was finishing songs because they were frequently getting
side-tracked by new releases. I casually mentioned that we might
have to slow things down a bit for everybody to catch up but that
thought didn't go over very well with the members!

TARGET Members click here for Fire And Rain

Non-Target Members click here for the preview

TG Live!
We will bring back TG Live! in the near future. I will keep
you posted as we are also working on taking it on the road. Don't
forget, you can check out all the older episodes here.
There is a ton of useful info there, as well as a lot of fun.

Uploaded Videos For Review
There has been a rush on TARGET members uploading their own videos
for review by me and the other members. Some of the songs that I
saw this week included Heart Of Gold, If You Could Read My Mind,
Nothing Else Matters, House Of he Rising Sun, Blackbird, and the
first posting (as far as I recall) of Still You Turn Me On by our
esteemed member Wrench.
TARGET Members Click here to see the member videos

The TG Forum
The busiest thread on the Forum this week has been Please Introduce
Yourself. It seems like more and more long time members are coming
out of the woodwork and joining the party and TG Community. Read
some of the background info on many of our members at

Click here to view or post in the Please Introduce Yourself forum

Another interesting thread was on the subject of buying guitars
online. As in many things, there are good experiences and bad
experiences. See what some members had to say -

Click here to read buying guitars online.

Ask Neil
A recent Q&A

Something really great is happening on the Ask Neil thread. Members
come up with great questions and before I can get around to
answering them, other members jump in with their experience on the
issue. Usually these responses are right along the lines of what I
was going to say anyway, although if I see anything that I need to
clarify I jump in right away. Here is a great example:

Partial Barre ChordsI'm an 'advanced-ish' (?) beginner. I can form
full bar chords and am working on changing from and into bar
chords. This is coming along OK. But, I'm having trouble with a
fair few partial bar chords, like the Dm7 in 'Dust in the wind' the
barre chord at the 5th fret in 'Romanza' (although this one is
often OK) and similar partial bar chords. I find that my first
finger ends up being at an angle and a little on its side rather
than straight along the fret with the hyperextension as Neil shows
it. I'm practicing this. I find that either some of the barred
strings thug and/or the note under the second or closest finger
also thuds (doesn't ring). I'm also getting it a bit with the
partial F in 'House of the Rising sun'.

I think my hand is in the right position ('not baseball bat') and
my wrist is extended, so what am I doing wrong, and what should I
practice to fix the problem. Do I just need to keep practicing,
practicing practicing doing the hyperextension with my barre

Any advice welcome.


This post brought great replies from some members and a few posts
later Michelle was making great improvement.

Read the entire thread here.


P.S. - Feel free to get back to me on the blog and on the forum to
let me know what else YOU would like to see in this weekly

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the $19.95 a month memberships are gone!

Hate membership fees? Check out our Pay Per Lesson option click
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