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TOPIC: Totally Guitars Newsletter #7

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Totally Guitars Newsletter #7 11 Years, 1 Month ago  
TG Newsletter #7- July 4th, 2009

In this issue you'll find...

- What's going on at Totally Guitars?

- Latest T.A.R.G.E.T. News...

- Recent Comments from Visitors

- The TG Blog

- Q&A between members and Neil.

What's Going On?

This week I probably have to ask our members what's going on. As
some of you might know I have been at a softball tournament in
Boulder, Colorado all week. It has been beautiful but like most of
our "family vacations", the sites mostly include dirt, grass, and
loud warnings of "heads up", meaning be ready to be hit by an
unforeseen UFO, or really an IFO- an identified flying object that
is round and hard. ...previous sentence carefully crafted as an entry
to the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.
TG Live! update-

Our TARGET membership has been treated to a couple of episodes of
TG Live over the last month. The next one will be Friday, July 10
at 6:00 PM in California. A breakdown of world time zones and a
little more information can be found on the TG Home page.
The Audio Store-

I hope you have had a chance to check out our new Audio Store.
Right now it is packed to the gills with the entire catalog of my
recordings. We are stocking in the store digital copies as mp3s
(320k, by the way for the propeller heads out there).

We expect to have sheet music to most of the guitar arrangements
available very soon as well.

Check Out The New Audio Store Here

For a video walkthrough of the new store click here


The latest on the TARGET front is that we are working on a better
system of cataloguing and categorizing the song library. Many users
have been asking for this and we are happy oblige. A good starting
point is the thread in the TG Forum titled "Songs in the TARGET

Last week I added a couple of songs that were really continuations
of samples that had been at YouTube for quite awhile. After many
requests to shred a little more, I put up a TARGET Short on Hocus
Pocus. This song was the 1st I heard from the Dutch progressive
rock band Focus. It is a quirky novelty tune featuring flashy
guitar, soaring keyboards, Ian Anderson style flute, and yodeling.
The guitarist was Jan Akkerman who even played lute on some of
their songs.

The other addition was the Moody Blues tune Tuesday Afternoon. I
went through the intro a couple of different ways. The chord
progression features some quick bar chord changes and strumming in
swing time in the chorus.

Following is a recap of some of the details about the TARGET

The TARGET Program is pretty revolutionary as far as an online
teaching system goes in that it is very interactive. There are many
ways that I stay in touch and interact with my online students. We
have an exclusive section in our Forum where I answer questions
from members, as well as take requests for upcoming lessons.
This interactivity even reaches out to live broadcasts for our
members where we play some songs, help resolve music problems, and
generally have an online group get together in real time. These
episodes are part of out TG Live! Series.

If you are serious about improving your guitar abilities I really
encourage you to join our TARGET Program while it is still open. I
can't say how many students we will be able to handle but I know
there will be a limit as to how many I feel I can work with. I want
to be able to devote the same time and attention to my online
students as I do for students I see in my studio every week.

Check out the TARGET Program here - www.totallyguitars.com/playguitar

Recent Comments from Visitors

Embryonic Journey

Neil- I believe that you would make Jorma proud with your playing
of this piece. This is classic modern acoustic fingerstyle music. I
am amazed that someone would comment that they don't like this
song. It is truly beautiful and you play it wonderfully! Thanks!

TARGET Members Embryonic Journey Click Here

Free Members Preview Click Here

To upgrade your membership and become a member of TARGET click here

Here Comes The Sun
Neil, I've been squinting at hard to see, half-successful versions
of this song on YouTube for some time now. It'll be a relief to
practice a clear and well-structured arrangement ... I'm a happy

TARGET Members Here Comes... Click Here

Free Members Here Comes... Click Here

To upgrade your membership and become a member of TARGET click here

Oh Well

Quite a challenging piece for the right-hand. My approach to this
song will be practice, practice, practice. I wish there was a
faster way.


TARGET Members Oh Well Click Here

Free Members Oh Well Pt1 Cilck Here

Free Members Oh Well Pt2 Click Here

To upgrade your membership and become a member of TARGET click here
The TG Blog

The latest Blog posts have been the TG Audio Store and our newest
addition- adding video to your profile. Here is the post from Big
Jim about how to do it.

So you want to show everyone something? Maybe you have a question
and need some help... Adding your own video to your profile page is
here to help. Watch this video to learn how you can upload video to
your profile and direct people to it. By clicking on your username
in forum posts and other areas your videos can be easily accessed.

Click Here To Go To How To Add Videos To Your Profile

Click Here For The Audio Store Walk Through

Q&A for Neil

On The Natural Scale

Ok, I understand it's not really a scale.
Other than helping to take standard notation from paper to the
fretboard, whats it good for?
If you are talking about all the natural notes in 1st position
(meaning open to the 3rd fret on each string), it shows you all the
white notes (piano lingo) in 1st position. It is not a scale
because it starts on low E and ends on high G.

I really like students to be able to see the difference between
black and white notes on the guitar, just as they would on the

I will elaborate on this someday in a video lesson, probably, but
let the speculation and discussions begin!


There are a lot of very interesting threads in the Q&A Section for
TARGET members, although we are starting to become victims of
highly skilled thread hijackers. In any case, a good time seems to
be being had by all!

That's it for this week!

Stay tuned and in touch,


P.S. - Feel free to get back to me on the blog and on the forum to
let me know what else YOU would like to see in this weekly

Not A TARGET Member Yet? TARGET Will Be Closing To New Members
Soone! Join now and get locked in at the low subscription price of
$19.95 a month!

Click Here To Learn About Target and Join Target Now
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