Thick As A Brick
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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members *Thick As A Brick*by Ian Anderson and his alter ego, Jethro Tull. It features very intricate and rapid flatpicking with complex syncopation, all of which must continue when the singing enters, and that is all just in the first 30 seconds. The rest of Part 1 of this 45-minute masterpiece is a lot of fun to play and will present quite a challenge for even very accomplished guitar players, although much of the song is simple strumming. Although this will have to be considered an advanced guitar lesson, it can be very accessible to intermediate guitar students if they work on each part very slowly. The lesson includes a complete Play Through and detailed instruction on each of the parts, a 60-minute lesson on a 3-minute song.

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FYI Ian Anderson plays the intro arpeggios as D-U-D D-U-D, not D-U-D U-D-U as shown in the lesson. written by jeh1n, February 17, 2016
Disappointed . Playing guitar for 60 years member Guitar Tricks extensive guitar collection (23) yet can't get into lessons. All I wanted to do is play Thick as a brick and all I get is a speech by Neil sadly my name is also Neil.written by nsribner, December 05, 2015
Hey paid my dime and can't use site! Please helpwritten by nsribner, December 05, 2015
in the section " left hand " you go into detail about D,G,A, D as 90% of the song. In fact those chords are not played in that sequence... why ??written by johnjamesg, July 02, 2013
I've been waiting so logn for this lesson to be available !!!!! Thanks !!!!!!!!!!written by juanlla, March 23, 2011
Good on ya Neil. I have always wanted to learn this song. It looks like it's gonna take me awhile to learn it though. You are right, it is exremely complex. Having said that, you could not have picked a better artist. Ian is hands down, one of the greatest musicians of that whole, early to mid seventies era. written by Chris Z., March 10, 2011
Excellent set of Jethro Tull songs Neil.written by Mauro, March 06, 2011
Thank you so much for all the recent Tull lessons. I can't wait to dig my teeth into them. If there is an acoustic guitar in heaven lets hope that Ian is playing it when he gets there.written by the_chelsea_potter, March 04, 2011