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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members *Everything I Own*was a hit for Bread in 1972, and is another one in a string of beautiful, touching songs from the pen of David Gates. The original was done with a capo at the 7^th fret but most of the lesson is done open. It covers the picking in both the verse and bridge, as well as the strumming in the chorus. This song has been one of our most requested for quite a while.

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George Hawks here..(7/27/2013)....In measure 32 you have the B minor cord..Instead of changing fingers i worked it out with my first finger in the usual position, then you lift to get the A note. For the G note on the 6th string angle your finger to hit that note without changing fingers. Because the capo is far up the space is smaller. I have small hands so if i can do it you can also.It makes it easier to play and a lot more fun.Hope this was useful.Thanks written by georgehawks, July 27, 2013