Solsbury Hill - Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Peter Gabriel

Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Solsbury Hill has been a popular request here at TG since our early days. It is from Peter Gabriel’s first solo album and features quick fingerpicking in 7/4 time. This arrangement combines much of the original guitar part with the main keyboard riffs into what would be a complete solo guitar accompaniment to back up the vocals. The lesson does not go into singing but this makes a nice instrumental as it is.

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Its a great arrangement, I find your teaching style erractic and a bit all over the place, it would be really great if you picked a way of counting and stuck with it, and also made sure you finish all of your sentences, it feels quite stop start as you explain the details of what your doing. It would be better if you picked a point, finished the point and then moved on written by oliverkayaks, November 17, 2013
Does Neil play the barre with the third finger on the F# bass line part simply because of the lack of space? I have tiny hands so playing a standard A chord shape with 2,3 and 4th fingers is simpler.written by marshallc201195138, August 23, 2013
As a highly visual learner, I appreciate the looks at the left and right hand separately very much. I have been playing since I was 4 and I get my black balloons this month. Growing up when I did gave me little opportunity to have such an intimate view because visual media at the time didn't show the left hand very often. As a result, hearing a piece of music I want to learn to play is just as important to me as seeing it. Would keeping the capo on for the whole lesson be too much of a problem? I have heard you say several times that "for the purposes of this lesson we will be taking the capo off". Does that imply it simply doesn't matter? Because if it doesn't, I would prefer it be left on. I would also like to say that thanks to this site, my playing is growing by leaps and bounds! Thanks again! written by scottie328, March 03, 2013
Hi, this is a great fingepicking work and sounds real fantastic. The only thing I miss is a special lesson exercising the picking schema of the right hand on a standard chord first before combining the right hand with the left hand, because the right AND the left hand are very challanging and for me it is very difficult to excercise both at once.written by jakeelee, August 26, 2012