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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members This classic features a very long descending bass line as its main harmonic structure, a beautiful melody line on the organ, and cryptic lyrics by wordsmith Keith Reid, who wrote the words to almost every Procol Harum song. The music was put together by pianist/vocalist Gary Brooker, with an assist from organist Matthew Fisher. I have had a hard time deciding what direction to take with this lesson, hence the long delay in getting to it. The lesson includes the basic chord progression, an easy way of playing the intro with a pick, some thoughts on fingerpicking a more elaborate version of the intro, and a ‘Behind The Scenes’ improvised version as an example of what could be done. This may even show a bit about why I had so much trouble deciding on the direction.

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Neil, you are a great guitar player. Your "noodling away" on Whiter Shade of Pale brought me to tears. Good tears. Thank you. That's some very fine art you have put together for all of us to enjoy. Again, thanks!written by bkloren, November 21, 2014
beattifullwritten by Celso, September 04, 2014
When I click on the tab download for a whiter shade of pale ( which I recently purchased) it takes me to a page that says that I must be logged in to down load this tabulator.. I think this is the only song that it does this on. Normally, I have no problem...Can you fix this for me?written by doug6891, October 12, 2013