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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Carole King’s song, You’ve Got A Friend has been the most requested lesson here at TG for a long time. Of course, we are talking about James Taylor’s definitive version as heard on his album Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon. Like most of James’ arrangements, this showcases his beautiful fingerpicking style at its best.

The lesson goes over the chord progression and the specific way to play many of his embellishments but, as with most of his songs, the variations are endless and really need to be created or recreated every time the song is played. The student must already be comfortable with standard patterns and random altering of them, as well as random arpeggio patterns to get the most out of this lesson.
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Quite a challenging piece for me, made the mistake of going in feet first with the tab, without going though the cord progression to begin with. As ever a brilliant lesson one that Ill keep coming back to for a long time.written by bigears, August 12, 2015
Good lesson as usual, but i wish you would sing along as it helps very much with my timing. Thanks for all you do!written by newvenu3, March 14, 2015
I would love to have a lesson of a fingerstyle arrangement of "while my guitar gently weeps" like Laurence Juber does it. Thanks.written by newvenu3, March 14, 2015
how do I buy one song at a time ?written by jreilly12487095, October 18, 2013
George Hawks here...(10/9/2013)..If you would do Mexico,i have wanted to learn this tune.Please try to fit it in sometime.Thankswritten by georgehawks, October 09, 2013
Just an awesome job, Neil! As was "You Can Close Your Eyes". It was well worth the wait. Maybe somewhere down the road, you can take a look at "Mexico".written by shinbonepaul, October 04, 2013
George Hawks here...(10/4/2013)..Thanks for finally doing this song! This was worth waiting for.Please do more James Taylor tunes soon. Thanks again.written by georgehawks, October 04, 2013