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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Sarah Jarosz is a young and very talented American musician and singer-songwriter from Texas. She has already released three succesful albums and has been called a ‘songwriter of uncommon wisdom.’ She is also described as a comtemporary bluegrass prodigy. Besides the guitar, she plays the banjo, claw hammer banjo, mandoline and octave mandolin.

In this lesson we take a look at the opening track of her second album, Follow Me Down, called ‘Run Away’, which she performs on the guitar. Although it features a fairly easy chord progression, the fast travis picking pattern makes it quite challenging and good fingerpicking skills are absolutely needed to get this song down. It is played in an unusual alternate tuning: F A D G A E, where the sixth string is tuned up to F and the second string is tuned down to A. She also uses a capo at the first fret.

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Thanks George, appreciate it!:) Well yeah, my ears, youtube and songsurgeon are my best friends nowadays!;) And learning all the time by doing so, thx again!written by tgvanessa, October 28, 2013
George again with a question....Do you tab these songs out by ear?I read your bio.Quite impressive!Im just curious how you break down such a complicated song.Thankswritten by georgehawks, October 28, 2013
George Hawks here...(10/28/2013)..This is really a beautiful song.I listened to it on you tube.This will keep me busy for a bit.Thanks for another great lesson.written by georgehawks, October 28, 2013