From The Beginning - Guitar Lesson
Songs & Artists - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members From The Beginning has all the elements that make Greg Lake’s acoustic songs great- interesting sounds with the use of extended chords, many of which use open strings for a sense of consistency, harmonics, percussive strumming, arpeggio picking in both the alternating and cross-picking styles, and slightly cryptic lyrics that add to the mysterious quality. A must-learn tune for every guitar player.

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Hi David, If you are talking about the acoustic run at about 2:12 in the song, leading into the electric solo, it is in the tab, 2nd measure on page 2. Let me know if that's what you are looking for. Neilwritten by TGNeil, November 17, 2014
Hey there- this is question for Neil. I noticed on ELP's recording of he song, there is a little run the guitarist does between the chords, just before they go into the musical solos. Its very fast little run, but is so very cool. Would love to work on it, but I don't think it is included in the tabs. written by davidnmarino62225, November 17, 2014
George Hawks here...(7/26/2013)..Its great to see positive comments. I always wanted to learn this song.I have hours of fun going through all the songs here.I have cancer and cant work anymore so i spend almost the whole day going over songs, downloading the tab and the music to go with it.I have been on a mission to learn the guitar.This site has been a blessing.With practice and Neils help i know i can achieve my goals.This song is great, thanks Neil!written by georgehawks, July 26, 2013
Neil, I love the shirt! written by st pierre, June 26, 2011
Neil, Great lesson. Beginning student here and with your style of teaching I feel I can attempt to tackle stuff like this. I especially liked in the break it down section your not being sure if we're supposed to hit the note on the 13th fret or not. :) Keep up the good work sensei and I will keep watching/learning. Johnwritten by jksniper, December 28, 2010
Hi, First off great site! A lot of fabulous instruction. I do have a question though: On the ELP song, From the Begining on part 6, Break it Down, Pre-Intro, you talk about the "tabs you have." Are there tabs for this song on the site - if so where - or are you just referring to tabs for the song in general which can be pulled of the Internet?written by Robert Pick, December 29, 2009
Neil, I cannot believe I can play this song. After watching your video playthrough I thought to myself but I better try another song. Since I liked that song so much, I found myself watching your video of it over and over....eventually, I grabbed my guitar and learned it section by section. I still can't believe it. Moral of the story...Never Underestimate yourself Thanks Again, Terry written by Terry Steffes, July 16, 2009
Neil, Very nice job on the complete lesson. Very well worth the wait! Thanks! Scottwritten by Scott Stiles, May 11, 2009
Well done, Neil, now I'm really enjoying myself with From The Beginning!:) Sergio Traversa Italywritten by Sergio Traversa, May 10, 2009