This CAGED Thing with Ed
Songs & Artists - Fly On The Wall

Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members Ed came into this lesson with his guitar in Open G Tuning and immediately brought up using a capo to create a second guitar part in a different register.

We reviewed the five basic families, the distances between, how to think in relative keys, the relationships between chords in a progression, and then even an approach to playing any minor chord in Open G.

We eventually almost ran through Tecumseh Valley by Townes Van Zandt, which he had been working on in Open G and meant to start the lesson with before we took the long theory detour.

The next detour continued with more on chord shapes and colors in Open G.

This lesson was packed with info on so many different things that I decided to put it up in its entirety. Hopefully everyone might find some golden tidbits here.

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