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Charts, TAB, and Guitar Pro Files are only made available to our TARGET Members ‘The Road Home’ is a live album of a concert by the rock band Heart, released in 1995. It was produced by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) and contains acoustic versions of many of Heart’s hits. It included the band’s greatest hit and power ballad Alone.

This lesson is based on that particular acoustic version of Alone, as primarily performed by Howard Leese, who has been with Heart the longest, besides the Wilson sisters.

The arrangement features both fingerpicking as well as strumming. There are relatively many chords, including different chord shapes, inversions, and a few barre chords.

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Hey Paul, how great to hear from you and many thanks for your generous comment! I'm very happy that you're happy with it! And yes, Ann is simply...... It's just amazing how she has kept her voice in súch good shape. I'm so happy that I've seen them at least once in my life time and they totally blew me away! :ohmy: So what's next on your request list? :P Thanks again Paul, appreciate it just as much! Big hug xoxo Ness written by TGVanessa, April 21, 2016
Thank you so much for tackling this one, Ness. It was at the top of my request a lesson list. Been waiting a long, long time for this song. And as you always do, a fantastic job of playing, explaining with exquisite detail and singing. You are right! This is Ann Wilson and very few can attempt it, much less come close. If Corina is able to join you in a play through, that would be great. But, the song and the beautiful guitar arrangement are here now. I really appreciate it. As always, looking forward to your next lesson.written by shinbonepaul, April 19, 2016